4 Reasons Why Judgemental People are so Easy to Find

It goes without saying that everyone of us has experienced being judged at some point in our lives. A lot of us might have even shaped our behaviors, actions, and personalities to try to ward off the harsh opinions of other people. At this point, we can say for sure that not being everyone’s cup of tea is inevitable to one’s life no matter who you are. However, despite this being a part of everyone’s lives, not everyone has a deeper understanding of what leads to these harsh words and thoughts, which shouldn’t be the case since having more knowledge on why people judge others might help individuals deal with it better. It might even help us comfort our friends and loved ones who are affected by this phenomenon. This article has been made for this very purpose. It is important to note that this tackles irrational, harmful, and unnecessary judgement, not simple differences in opinion, disagreement, or constructive criticism, as there is a fine line between these two that not everyone is able to differentiate.

Diskarte my dudes.

Times are tough. A statement that takes a completely different meaning in the contemporary time. Most, if not all, can attest to having encountered novel challenges for the past year or so. And that’s just on top of our already present daily share of difficulties. Although each can be unique in context and intensity, there is a shared existence of experiences wherein we had and have to creatively tackle and solve certain challenges.

Cancel Culture: The Judge and Jury of Modern Society

In recent years a popular phenomenon has emerged in response to the perceived injustices present in modern society: cancel culture, the prolific practice of “cancelling” celebrities, politicians, or any prominent figures in society in an attempt to exact justice for their mistakes sand/or wrongdoings. Is this new trend truly for the betterment of our society, or simply misplaced good intentions?

Violence Through the Screen: Violence in Video Games

In the history of man, there is always one prevalent topic. A topic that is heavily romanticized, written songs of, even venerated. From the first murder in the religious texts of various beliefs, to scientific evidence of tools used for anything other than gathering and harvesting.


Pieces: How Building Plastic Model Kits Benefits Our Mental Health

With the current pandemic giving people more time to stay in their homes, building plastic model kits have been a reemerging hobby as time has become available for the very much time consuming hobby. With that said, what makes model kits both enjoyable and beneficial at this current times?