Virtual to Live: Possibilities of Virtual Reality in regards to real life

Normally thought of as a far-fetched dream of science fiction, Virtual Reality has recently emerged as a viable platform for various uses. Ranging from Gaming to Rehabilitation, virtual reality is now a medium for plenty of forward thinking individuals. Much like how video games back then was a burgeoning platform for a variety of uses, so is virtual reality in this day and age.

Companions: psychology in pet keeping?

Pets, they have been with man for hundreds and thousands of years, and still reside with us today. You may have had a pet at some point in your life, a bag of goldfish won at a carnival, a puppy as a Christmas gift, or an adopted rescue. Maybe you know somebody who has a pet. But why are we fascinated by animals and have that desire to keep them? This article aims to find the psychology behind why we like having pets, as well as how pets leave an impact on the mental and physical health of pet owners.