Virtual to Live: Possibilities of Virtual Reality in regards to real life

Normally thought of as a far-fetched dream of science fiction, Virtual Reality has recently emerged as a viable platform for various uses. Ranging from Gaming to Rehabilitation, virtual reality is now a medium for plenty of forward thinking individuals. Much like how video games back then was a burgeoning platform for a variety of uses, so is virtual reality in this day and age.

Violence Through the Screen: Violence in Video Games

In the history of man, there is always one prevalent topic. A topic that is heavily romanticized, written songs of, even venerated. From the first murder in the religious texts of various beliefs, to scientific evidence of tools used for anything other than gathering and harvesting.


Escapism within Video Games

Being quarantined and isolated is never good for the human condition. Humans are foremost social creatures, and a prolonged absence of any interaction is unhealthy for the mental state of a person. 2020 has no doubt left many tearing their hair out from the stress and pressure put upon them by all the negativity inContinue reading “Escapism within Video Games”