Diskarte my dudes.

Times are tough. A statement that takes a completely different meaning in the contemporary time. Most, if not all, can attest to having encountered novel challenges for the past year or so. And that’s just on top of our already present daily share of difficulties. Although each can be unique in context and intensity, there is a shared existence of experiences wherein we had and have to creatively tackle and solve certain challenges.

Scam Psychology: Mind and Mood Matters

Scams work because we are not always as rational as we would like to think — or be. Human minds have innate vulnerabilities to which the mad and bad have spent ample time studying. The tactics they employ are not at all new, but many still fall for them. Knowing how and why they still work might someday save you.

Viral Vélo: Social Psychology and Cycling

2020 is undoubtedly the year of the bike. Bike sales are at an unprecedented high with some shops selling hundreds of units only within a few days. This popularity can further be seen in the lines present outside formerly desolate bike shop floors. The same is evident in the amount of YouTube and social mediaContinue reading “Viral Vélo: Social Psychology and Cycling”